A Mere Theory Has Been Adopted As Truth: Secrets of the Sixth Edition

Based on an original work released in 1859, completed in 1879, and considered the literary text for evolutionists, On the Origin of the Species has become the foundation for modern textbooks discussing origins. Interestingly enough Darwin, the Father of Evolution, expresses in the sixth edition of this text his own doubts and speculations about the solidarity of the claims. Creation or evolution, the truth lies in the Secrets of the Sixth Edition by Randall Hedtke.

Secrets of the Sixth Edition brings a logical and fresh perspective to this highly debated topic from Randall Hedtke, a well educated and experienced author who has worked directly with the theory of evolution for decades. Not only is he an accomplished author on the subject, but he has also studied and taught on this topic. Discover the truth for yourself in this informative, easy-to-read study of evolution, and experience the powerful truth that only biblical creation can explain.

Click here for press release and information on where to buy: SecretsoftheSixth_PR_WEB.pdf
For an inside look at the book visit: bit.ly/SecretsSixth

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