What are your 2014 Accomplishments and your 2015 goals for your church library? Click on comments here to respond. 

Let's pray for each other as we seek to glorify God through our libraries in 2015.

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Comment by Joanne Ladewig on February 21, 2015 at 9:02pm

We created "drawers" from clear plastic bins (from Target) to more efficiently store our series books. We had doors of lower cabinets removed, then used the wide plastic bins on the shelves and placed the books in with spines up and series volumes #2 through last volume stored by author. By doing this we were able to store about 3 times as many books as when we used the shelves to store them upright on the plain shelf. We have a rolling display to house all the #1 volumes of the series so borrowers can pick out Book 1 and then ask us for the remainder of the series as they need them. Saves so much room on our small fiction bookcases this way.

Our goal for 2015 is to get all our own reader reviews posted to our library page on the church website, as well as a word doc list of all our nonfiction titles, so people can search them at home. We're not interested in putting our catalog online at this point. We've cataloged all our nonfiction and plan to do the kids' books next. We don't really need to do adult fiction as it is easy to see if we have the titles in stock just by looking at our small upper wall of fiction titles.

Comment by Debbie Dehart on January 21, 2015 at 3:32pm

What we accomplished last year:

1. Continued working on getting our whole collection into www.librarything.com

2. Replaced a number of bookcases with larger, better ones, and added a beautiful end-cap bookstand which we use for displaying seasonal books, new books and items we are promoting.

3. Successfully conducted our summer reading program, Battle of the Books (for kids K-2 and 3rd-6th), and a book club for teens.

4. Moved some things around in the library in order to make non-fiction more easily accessible.  

5. Gave out a gift book to all the kids, age 2-5, who came to our Sunday Morning story time during the month of December

6. Had two book sales; proceeds go back into the library's programs and purchases.

7. Got the lighting in the library improved.

8. Invested in and used some Christmas decorations.

9. Added over 500 items to the library!

I should add that my friend and I have only been running this library for two years.  However, we feel like things are coming along nicely and we have been getting good feedback.  Some of our goals for 2015:

1. Finish putting our collection into www.librarything.com

2. Add to our classics collection

3. A new summer reading program: Book Bingo.

4. We will be receiving a fairly large tract rack, which we think was built by someone in our church.  It will no longer be used for tracts but the display areas on it are large enough for books and so the leadership asked if we would like it.  It will be outside the library (no space inside), which means we can use it to try to attract people who normally don't come inside the library.  So one of our goals is to figure out how to use it to its best advantage.

5. Build our committee.  We've lost a few people and we hope to get some of the newer folks involved, perhaps.

6. Train our committee members better! Some of them seem to still have some problems in knowing where to shelve some items.  So we need to evaluate how we can make it easier for them.

7. Add lots more good stuff!


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