What is The Circle?

Perhaps the first church-based book clubs were called “circles” where women would sit in a circle in a home or at church to reflect on books and articles about missionaries. Today, what do we do during a book club meeting? We sit in a circle of chairs or around a table. We reflect on what we read in a book as we share our responses to the book. We also sit in a circle around a table when we have our library team meetings. The CLN Circle is a 21st Century twist to the book club, circle, and team meetings by opening up the reflection and discussion to people everywhere. Here, we will share what is going on in our libraries as well as book and DVD titles and our responses to books and DVDs we have recently enjoyed individually and/or added to our collections. When you post a title and reflect on the content on the CLN Circle, an interview with the author and a purchase link for your convenience will be posted. Because this tab is a blog format, the rest of us who read the book or watched the DVD can add our comments for reflection on the title. We might even ask Eva Nell to provide the classification information. And we can also respond with how our teams are doing what you write about related to your ministry. So The Circle is a great place to share ideas for ministry as well as suggestions for books and DVDs.


In order to include the author interview and the purchasing link, there will be a time delay when posting a new title on the CLN Circle.


When considering a title that someone posts on The Circle, compare it to your selection policy. Because our churches differ in so many ways, some books that will be suggested on The Circle may not fit your church's selection policy. For a great guide on developing a selection policy, read the article, "Collection and Gift Policy: A Reflection of the Church."

So what are you waiting for?

Click on the tab THE CIRCLE then add an Idea. You are set to start your participation in The Circle with your team ideas and your title sharing. Before your book or DVD idea goes live, we will add a cover picture and purchase link. As soon as the author interview is done, we will add that too in the comment field. Have fun with The Circle!

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