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For a long time, we have wanted to start a new place on the CLN for us to share what is happening in our library ministries. We can learn from each other in lots of ways such as through the Q&A and The Circle where we share ideas. We can also learn from each other through our stories.

This new tab is a place for us to write about our church library experiences as we live out opportunities God planned for us and our teams. Let’s encourage each other as we share our stories and pray for each other.

Follow these steps to write your library team’s story. 

  1. Start your stories by clicking on the tab "The Circle."
  2. Then click on “Add”.
  3. Post the start of your story in the first page then thereafter, share what is happening with your ministry by using the comments to our original post. You can easily find your original story post by clicking on My Pages. That way the rest of us can see all the pieces of your story on one string.
  4. And each time you add a comment about a new experience, we will see that you are adding an experience to your story on the CLN main page’s left column.

Morlee is starting her team’s story as the first one to model for you how to do it. Yes, you can comment on anyone’s story. 


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