Shiloh Autumn by Bodie and Brock Thoene

The prayer, below, is so appropriate for what we are going through now, due to this pandemic of COVID19, in particular with trying to comply and obey those who rule over us.

This beautiful prayer is from a book I'm reading called, "Shiloh Autumn," by Bodie and Brock Thoene, Christian authors. They are some of my favorite authors, by the way. It's about the families, two in particular, who live in Arkansas, telling us about their struggles during the depression, the bottom falling out of the cotton market, being cheated out of their cotton land, and being taken advantage of by unscrupulous people.

One by one, everything is taken from them by ruthless men. Amazingly, the farmers never give up hope - hope that is rooted in our Heavenly Father.

Here is a prayer from one of the share croppers, whose parents were slaves.

"Lawd," he said, "in that buildin' are the men You saw fit to have govern this land. They can do a heap of good for us and our families if they want to. Give 'em wisdom, Lawd. Let 'em see our cause and its justice. Give 'em hearts to understand that we ain't askin' for a handout; we're just tryin' to keep our homes and feed our families. Bless this land, Lawd. May all our thoughts turn to You and seek your will, so that this terrible depression will be lifted. Hear our prayer, so's we can all have honorable work that will pay enough to provide for our loved ones. Lawd," he was saying, "give us wisdom to trust in You, too. You done seen us through terrible times . . . and brought us through mighty deep waters since. Don't let us fail this test of faith right when we need it most. . . . In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen."'

Will you join me in this kind of prayer for the leaders of our country.

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  • Thank you, Ann. This Sunday our pastors sermon focus is on prayer as one of the essential traits of Christians. I just replaced the books in our display with books on prayer. I will feature this book in some way to call attention to this prayer. 

    THANKS so much for sharing this discovery!

    • You are more than welcome.

  • Morlee, I apologize for not being able to get back to you in a more timely manner.  I had returned the book to the library, but now I am here and have found the page numbers.  The prayer starts on page 351 and continues in the second paragraph on page 352. I think your patrons will really enjoy reading this


  • Page number?



  • Thank you for sharing this prayer. I am pleased to see we already have this book in our collection. I'm going to add it to our display with a recommendation.

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