I'm having trouble using the reports feature of Concourse, version 8.5.013.  Items added recently (after about August) do not appear in the generated report.

We recently updated to the current version, just before our maintenance contract expired. We let it expire because of a deep cut in our budget, and the fact that we have never had trouble before. 

I tried reindexing the catalog, but no joy.

Has anyone had this problem? I suspect the update might have some thing to do with my problem.

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The only time I have had that problem, rebuilding the indexes solved the problem.  Try rebuilding all the indexes.

Rebuilding the indexes solved that problem for us as well.  Did you verify after rebuilding?  If  the numbers on the two bottom rows don't match, it does show there is a problem.  There is a fix, but Book Systems told me how to do that.  Sorry!

Thanks for the replies.

I had rebuilt the indexes, but I had failed to notice that the catalog rebuild had stopped with 34 items to go. I had not done the verify operation. Doing it shows errors in both the catalog and patron data.

I think I now see the advantage of having the maintenance contract. Thanks again for your help.

All's well. Book Systems to the rescue. Great service.



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