Any new ideas getting the youth to use the church library?

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Young adults are by far the most difficult to get into the Library.  They are quick thinkers and e-books are within their daily lives.  I look for quality books that are secular books as there are limited books available in strictly the Christian theme and sometimes the Christian books are not genuine.  I ask my grandchildren what they are reading and have added several books that would be considered middle or early high school reading.  If you have a Youth Director, talk it over with him/her to see what kids are reading.  The Bible Magazines published by Thomas Nelson are popular with Youth.  I've even put some good adult fiction books in youth, such as Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin.  The book is about a young girl that lost her position as a Libarian and travels to a remote area to deliver books to the small collection.  Great message.  Consider a bookmark that list the newest Youth books and pass out to the Youth at confirmation or Sunday School time.  The Youth Director should be supportive of this option. So expand your mind and there are endless opportunities for you to consider.

Thank you for your suggestions!

More thoughts on books for Youth.  I thought about some of the books that are the most popular with middle schoolers that generally like to go to the Youth section.  I also have a 5th grader that is reading Youth books.  So be careful what you choose.  One of the most ragged book in the Youth section is Book Thief. The book is about a girl that saves books from the burning piles during Hitler's era that wants to rid Europe of good books.  A few sports books include: Beyond Belief by Josh Hamilton, Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow and Uncommon by Tony Dungy.  A few Christian books include:  Addison Blakley - Confessions of a PK, Caleb + Kate; Roadside Assistance, So Over My Head, Viola in the Reel Life (2nd book too) and Wreath. I gain a lot of insight into the books by checking them out of my public library to read first to make sure of quality.  Be careful of some Christian books for Youth as they can be VERY edgy.  I also check out all of the middle level books to read from the library before purchasing.  There's lots out there - you may have to dig for it, but it's worth it.  I'm on the Board of the National Church Librarians Association and have done several of the newest booklists for members. Enjoy!



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