I'm curious ~ what youth / young adult fiction books you and/or your patrons are excited about? I have ideas for future purchase orders, but am interested in hearing from this great forum your top recommendations - newer or older titles.


Our Youth Collection is for ages 12 to 18. We currently have an extremely small youth collection that I'm excited about building upon. We have some fiction series that I'm working on completing (some missing books) & 1 non-series fiction book. I truly believe that as I work on our small collection & help bring life to it, we'll have more youth readers as I'm familiar with some of the youth.


So what are your top recommendations fiction books (series or non-series) - by title or author?  Feel free to share why you like a certain author or title.


Thank you!   



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Correction: Our Youth Collection is for ages 13 - 18.

I'll get back to you early next week.  I have encompassed some quality secular  and family oriented books for our Youth.  It seems that many religious books for you are only "Devotions for Young Adults".  I wanted to get beyond that stigma.  I'll give you my top 10-15 selections that are secular, if that's OK with you? 

That's wonderful Bev. Please take your time. I'm sure you have lots to do. Actually, I've been finding some Christian fiction that I think may be good. I'm OK with secular as long as it good quality as you mentioned. 


This week I just replaced our worn-out Christy Miller series with hardcover, designed in 3-in-1 collections. Also, along with that the Sierra Jensen series - both written by Robin Jones Gunn. Also, we now have Alcott's Little Women series. 3 more complete series! I know content is paramount, but it is nice to have some attractive hardcover books to lend out.     


But it would be interesting to see what other people recommend.  There may be something I've forgotten or may not have heard of.    


As I re-read my response, I don't think I communicated very well.

 ~ What I meant to come across is that I love to observe others being blessed through our library ministry. I truly get a "kick out of it" when I see all ages reading & watching more since we've moved into our new building, almost 1 year ago.    

Linda, here are some of my recent purchases for Youth ages 13-18. 

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin * (considered an adult book; youthful character)

Margot - Jillian Cantor - fiction; older sister of Anne Frank

Paige Torn & Paige Rewritten - Markus *

Young Woman after God's Own Heart *

Swipe, Book #1 of series of 4 - Angler *

Lili - Bullying by Michele Lane - excellent for subject

Assassin by by Anna Myers - dressmaker

Chasing Juniper by Rachel Coker

Mismatch by Erynn Magnum * (4 books in series)

Perfectly Dateless * Billerbeck

Cool Beans by Erynn Magnum (4 books in series) *

Back Before Dark (ages 9 and above (first in series of 2)

Embittered Ruby by Nicole O'Dell

Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie - Sonnerblick

Interrupted by Rachel Cocker *

Hope Was Here - Joan Bauer

Roadside Assistance - Amy Clipston *

Motorcycles, Sushi, and One Strange Book (3-4 books in series by Nancy Rue *

Guys are Waffles & Girls are Spaghetti - nice book, not real popular with kids - Chad Eastham

* Designed as Christian reading.

Lately I have not been pleased with Melody Carlson's Youth books.  That's a personal choice.  She's great for kids, but seems to be forcing stories for Youth.  I hope this a good start for you.  The list is current for 1-2 years of purchases.  I generally check the books out from the public library and read them ALL before purchasing.  Youth books can have hidden agendas.  Good luck and let me know how you do. 

Thank you, Bev. This list is very helpful.  I thought maybe it was just me that thought that the choices for youth can be a bit tricky.   I think I'll be busy with this list for a bit!    


Thanks for your advice as well. 


Blessings to you.


I really like the Rock Harbor Search & Rescue books by Colleen Coble & Robin Caroll for younger teens. Her Rock Harbor books are all good.


Are you familiar with the Action Bible? My grandsons like it.

Thank you so much, Kay & Jeannie, for your input. I'm taking note of your recommendations.


Yea! I just got in the Christy Miller series & Jensen series by Robin Gunn as replacements. (By the way, they come in beautifully bound hardcover, 3-in-1 collections). The older books were getting a bit yellowed & we had missing books in these series. It's good to see them recommended here. I also have my eye out for the action Bible.  


I plan to look into the other recommended titles/authors.

Love the Rock Harbor series. Would recommend them highly.

I'm so glad Linda posted this question. I haven't been able to lure our youth into the library. We have some Sierra Jenson and our former pastor's daughter recommended the Chloe books. I can't remember the author but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, I would like some feedback. Most all of our books for teens are really old and I would like to start replacing them.

We are in the midst of an experiment that seems to be working- Teens were not coming over to library.  So I reclassified a bunch of things as T for teen and ordered some others per the youth pastor, and brought the library to them.  I used duplicates, donations, and some new books.  Our youth pastor wants them to read classics, biographies of great Christians I ordered heroes of the faith from Library and Educational services) other titles, Joni,  DC Talk's  Jesus Freaks,  Screwtape Letters (audio), Lou Giglio DVD's etc.   So far as of today, I am cautiously hopeful it will work.   They are still in my inventory on Concourse, but only "T" items are over there in our annex across the street.   The youth pastor said this morning that several had checked out books, and actually brought them back.   Anyway- thought I'd put in my oar.  After all the bottom line (at least in my book) is that the books be read.   I got the idea from a presentation on social libraries.

Debbie, I was hoping that this question (regarding good Youth/Young Adult/Teen fiction books) would be of help to others as well. Glad if it helps you to develop a great youth collection. I believe that as you & I work on replacing books & completing series as well as gradually bring in new items, it will make a big difference.


After I spruce up our Youth collection a bit, I plan to ask our church's youth for their recommendations as well. It may give them a sense of ownership.


As far as the "Chloe books" ~ I'm wondering if you referring to these books written by Melody Carlson?  

Martha ~ That is so great! I love that your experiment with the Teen Books is working out. It's encouraging to hear how teens are checking out books. It's wonderful how you work with the youth pastor. And yes I totally agree with you - the bottom line is that these books get read. Thank you for your list!




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