I would like to thank each and everyone who responded to my question on where do you buy your books?

They were very helpful and I can't wait to "start shopping".

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Our books are purchased from a variety of sources, including LifeWay, Christian Book Distributors, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, Used Bookstores, Christian Bookstores, Target Store, Amazon, and Follett Library Resources.  Our library also receives donated books or donations in memory of or in honor of church members.

Leslie Miller

First Baptist Church 

Pensacola, Florida

I've always bought at library book sales, Amazon, Christian Book, but was recently told about Thrift Books online.  I just placed an order a couple of days ago.  Can't wait to get them to see how they are.  Cause the prices are excellent!!!

I use all of the sources previously mentioned, but one site I have found helpful many times is bookfinder.com.  When I'm looking for a particular book, frequently an older one, I go there.  It gives you a list of different vendors who carry the book, the price, the condition, etc.    You can choose to view a list broken down into new and used categories.  You can click on the vendor and it will take you to the site.



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