Our church membership is approx. 300. Our media collection is approx. 8,000. Also, we use barcodes. Would anyone recommend a certain software program or should we continue using Concourse by Book Systems even though they have discontinued up dates? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Per Book Systems representative that I just spoke with this information is not fully accurate.  Concourse is still being supported and updated as needed.  Once IE - Internet Explorer has gone away then there might be technical issues with using Concourse. 

I highly recommend librarything.com.  We have a library of about 11,000 items and it works beautifully for us.  I also use it for my home collection of a little more than 2000 and I love it.  It is very inexpensive, their customer support is great, and it's fairly easy to figure out how to get going on it.  They have a number of helpful articles on their website, or you can email them and ask for information regarding whatever issue you want, and they'll send you links to the relevant articles.  Seriously, at least have a look at it.


We have about 4,000 items in our collection. We use OPALS by Media Flex. It is open-source software. We pay a negotiated yearly fee for support, but that's it. It has lots of great features and many church libraries use it. They even developed a union catalog for all of the church libraries using it that helps with copy cataloging. 




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