What do you do when young families move to a different church taking our users with them?

When I started in the library, I focused on the young children first because if you can get them you will get their parents. I also began building up the fiction section because that is where a lot of adults go first. I haven't neglected the other parts of the church and when I become aware of what people want, I try to accommodate them. We have approximately 200 members. Now the young families are moving on because we don't have a large enough group of the same age children and their child doesn't have any friends.

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Hi Patricia,
We have this happen, I'm sure most of us do. We just open our library to the community which allows former members to continue using the library. This is a good way to expand your circulation, but it is especially good for your church ministry because it opens doors for good-will.

Rita Kirkland
I agree with Rita...I think it is appropriate to allow the community to use the library as an outreach. We have had people from other churches come in when our library was open on Wed nights, during the week or even on Sunday morning. It truly is a ministry and does influence the spiritual growth of those who use the library.

I thought some of you might like to check out this library in Lancaster, PA.





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