I am weeding a few books, and I wanted to hear from others about this. I have several parenting books that were written in the 80s. They have sound Christian values, but are they out of date? I know there are alot of books published about families/parenting, is it better to keep up to date with the newest books, or have older books with sound advice? Looking forward to hearing everyone's comments & suggestions!

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Good for you! I came back from our fall conference enthusiastic about weeding and pulled lots of stuff that was 40 years old and hadn't been checked out in 40 years. The library looks so much more welcoming now, and you don't have to pry books off the shelves with a crowbar.
As for the parenting books, we found that several have been rewritten (New Dare to Discipline, New Preparing for Adolescence) so we kept the new books and passed the older ones along to those who had no copies of parenting books at all. The new ones are more "inviting", and therefore more likely to be checked out.
Just be careful with how you dispose of those "weeded" books.
If the book has been updated, get the updated book and weed the older one. Keep the old ones that haven't been updated only if they have been checked out in the timeframe that you have set for weeding (5, 10, 20 years, etc.). Keeping a book that hasn't been checked out even if it has good, biblical advice, just takes up valuable shelf space.

One caveat -- if it is cost prohibitive or would be extremely difficult to replace at a later date, keep the. We have some Baptist History books that haven't been in print for over 50 years and are rarely checked out, but we have not weeded them because they would not be able to be replaced without paying a substantial sum to a rare book dealer.

Most parenting books can be replaced rather easily, so you should be OK for that subject matter.
When we have an older book in our library we wont weed it until we find a newer book to replace it. For example if you are pulling books on family- we would find a book that is newer, that has great sound advice and we would then pull the old one. Even if both books are great and both are on the shelf, patrons will look at the pictures and colors and choose the newer one everytime. If we have not found a newer book on the same subject we leave the old one until we can find a replacement. We need to stay currant but we dont want to empty our shelves because of dates. On the other hand we have topics (such as macromae) that no one looks at so we pulled the whole section. I hope this helps.

Cindy, you've been given some good advice from others. One of the things to remember is that when you weed, you should always have paper and pen in hand in order to make notes of subjects which need to be updated. Even though those old books on parenting, etc. have good advice, they aren't the ones that this generation is looking for. True that the older ones have great Christian values, but so do new ones. Our customers want the latest. Just look for those on Christian parenting. One of the things I would not do is to pass the older copies to other libraries--the only books we should pass along to them are those for which we have duplicates. If funds are not available in libraries to purchase up-to-date books or new books on any subject, I suggest a book fair.
I agree with Eva Hunter. My comment -throw them out. Parents do not check out "old Books." Picures etc. must reflect news styles in clothes and background or they are considered "outdated' .
This was pointed out to me by one of the moms who came into our library. Betty Young
Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions!
WHEW! I just completed my first weeding. I took out at least 500 books and media. I think the library looks soooooo much better, now I have to delete them all. I should have taken before pics but at least I can take them now.I'll try to get my kids to put them on here for me.
update!!! I've gotten a lot of complaints, but I'm standing strong. The ones that complain always surprise me, I would hate to see their homes if they never get rid of anything.
Good for you for standing strong Lisa! Maybe you can give the old books to the ones that are complaining. People just don't understand how much work goes into the library.
You're right, I did offer them along with some other stuff but they did not take any. Thanks for your support.



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