I am weeding for the first time (very nerve-wracking). It is all old cassette tapes and VCR tapes. This is my question do I simply delete them? (I have a potential home.) Do I need to keep a list and why? (I though outdated technology). Any suggestions?

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Quite the dilemma to have to get rid of perfectly good items due to outdated technology. We have quite a few VHS tapes that are still used but inevitably someone will find the title they want and then be disappointed to see it is on VHS tape. Can't replace all of our videos at one time due to cost so have rounded up some old VCR's which we check out to patrons who no longer have one and really need what we have on tape

There is a concern that I wish to address since you are weeding for the first time.  Since missions are important in every denomination, I will tell you this regarding your missions books--the ones that describe the work etc. are pulled when they are out of date and new ones about the work in that particular country or area is there to replace it, but the MISSIONARY BIOGRAPHIES are never pulled. It was my policy for the sake of space, when they were retired or deceased, I transferred them to the "case" ( a locked case for rare books.  They are allowed use for reference only, and may not be taken out of the library--here are kept bound copies of clerk's reports, bound copies of church bulletins, extra copies of church history, and sometimes in the gifts we received I found valuable first edition signed books by historic figures in Christendom and books such as these are also placed there) The commentaries on scripture are retained.  They can be rebound if worn.  In the Baptist churches we have the small study course books which are on books of the Bible, and always by an eminent scholar.  These are also retained for the material is not dated.   Maxine J. Bersch-Lovern

Thanks.  This will help.



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