Anybody have active vertical files? If so, how do you catalog them (especially with Concourse)? Are individual items cataloged? If not, how do they circulate?

I made one entry just to see how it looked. I entered the title as
Abortion : see vertical files for information on this subject

.And then added Abortion as a subject heading. Other entries were left blank.

We have a vertical file (badly in need of weeding) that is not really used.

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We have one at FBC Grapevine, TX. I used the (old) vertical file labels, one for each hanging file, as the subject headings, entered each individual item, labeled it as I would a book, and put it in the hanging file where it belonged. I added a "location" for "vertical file" in concourse so folks would know where to look for a particular item. This works for us. It would be really nice to have one volunteer dedicated to the vertical file, but I don't think that will happen any time soon.
Hi Buford,
I dropped the vertical files when we went on-line. We are able to get the same information and don't have to do all the work.

Rita Kirkland
Hey, I like that idea. And getting rid of that file cabinet gives us more space.



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