We have several Bible Study Kits ( i.e. Beth Moore) that are on VHS. My understanding is that we have to get permission from publisher to make copy to DVD. Is this correct? Any additional info regarding this issue is appreciated.

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I would also be interested an answer to this as well and is there a difference in the law from U.S. to Canada. Our library is a small church library in Ontario Canada with a small budget but one of our members has the ability to do the transfers. We haven't done this yet because of the uncertainty of the legalities.

Our friend, Eva Nell Hunter, will be one of the most qualified to answer questions on this subject.  To begin with though, you are correct, Melba, in that you must have permission from the publisher to change format from VHS to DVD.

Also, Sharon, I believe you will have to ask a legal professional about the differences in U.S. and Canadian law.

I will touch base with Eva Nell to alert her to the questions!  But you might look through the list of Q & A to see if this question has been addressed in the past.  Seems that I remember some earlier discussions on this topic.



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