While looking up the classification for this book, I looked through the pages. I think, while based on people from the Bible, it is a work of fiction.  The WorldCat libraries have it under 226.  However, these stories are written in a diary/journal form and that makes me feel it should be fiction.  Any other opinions?

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If this book is about how these biblical people have affected the author's life, then I would use DD Call No.248 or 248.4, with a subject of "Christian Life."  For fiction books about biblical people, I use Call No. 220.95, with subject "Bible Stories."

Thanks so much.  I just didn't have a clue!

You are very welcome.

Kate, it is my understanding  in classification that if any part of a book is fiction, then it should be classified as fiction.  I know that we have many books based on Biblical characters but include fictional information.  We classify them as fiction.

Eva Nell:  does this apply to Bad Girls of the Bible Liz Curtis Higgins?

Carol, I don't think so. The lives of the "Bad Girls of the Bible" are backed up with Scriptures relating that information. I classified those books as 220.92.

I know that there are many books which are based on Biblical characters but add their own story along with them. Those are the ones I would classify as fiction.



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