Help- I'm stumped for clever ideas for summer reading club theme and promos!


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Why not choose a theme that is available at Upsmith/Highstart? they have some pretty cheap promo materials (especially the stuff they have had around for awhile).

UPSTART is a very useful website to use.  I generally use them each year.  I have a year-round program and this year I selected "Ice Cream for BOOK! with an ice cream cone as the base and when kids read 10 books, they add a scoop of ice cream to the mounting cone!  I hope to get some coupons from McDonalds for ice cream as a nice reward for the summer.  You can find Upstart on line with a user friendly website. 

We are working on a theme "God the Builder".  It is very loosely built on Bob the Builder.  

Hi Mary, I tried to respond, but evidently didn't do it right, so here goes again. I have used Vacation Bible School themes as a spring board for reading programs. My church used kits from Gospel Light: for an Adventure Park Theme I went for "Ticket to Ride" with movie tickets the prize; for a Jungle theme I used "Go Bananas for Books, with lots of monkeys hanging around; for a Tropical Island theme I used a Treasure Chest of Books; a rodeo theme brought a "Reading Roundup." Sometimes VBS kits come with graphics that cam be used for bulletin board ideas and/or forms for tracking reading by the readers

Hi Mary,

For several years I wracked my brain to find a "cleaver idea" for our children's summer reading club theme. Then I realized I had the perfect answer right there in the church. The Vacation Bible School planners have a very interesting and novel theme ready-made for them each year. So, I started adopting the same theme for the reading club. Our club is usually around the same time as VBS so it works out really well.

Marion Boan

Oh, adapting the VBS materials is a FABULOUS idea! :)



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