Good afternoon everyone,  I do hope that you are well and are enjoying the fall.

We are considering adding e-books to our library, and I need your help.

1. When you began the e-book collection, how did you determine the mix of that initial order and for the first year?  By mix, I mean: fiction vs non-fiction, adult vs. children, and within non-fiction (commentaries, Christian living, parenting, etc.).   Does it mirror the holdings or focus on a certain demographic?

2. How much do you duplicate - carry the physical book, audio book and e-book?

3. Considering the news that some authors have removed controversial sections of their e-books, has your review policy/process for e-books changed?

Thank you.


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Martha, I would love to discuss eBooks with you. Contact me at (901) 347-5261 next week.

Paul Adams

Bellevue Baptist Church Library

Thanks, Paul.  I'll call you later this afternoon.



I would love to talk to you about ebooks, too! May I contact you Mr Adams?

Would love to talk to you. Just give me a call at (901)347-5261.

I would like to explore whether e-books are feasible for our church library. So could I call you to get more information Thank you Sharon

Would love to talk to anyone interested in eBooks for a church library. Call me at (901) 347-5260 anytime. Working from home right now so call anytime. If I don’t answer leave a message. I’ll call back.



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