Does anyone know of a list of standard or suggested format codes for eBooks and Internet resources? I would like our catalog to include links to Internet resources, including free Google eBooks, but I wasn't sure how church libraries indicate such formats for media.


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Good question!  I'm looking forward to hearing these suggestions. 

Answering the eBooks portion of your question:

I'm certainly not an expert on this.  I am just reporting what I found on church library online websites offering ebook circulation.  The ones I checked were using OverDrive.

OverDrive has a list of formats at:

These include:

  • Kindle Books (US libraries only)
  • Adobe® EPUB eBooks
  • Adobe PDF eBooks
  • Open EPUB eBooks
  • Open PDF eBooks
  • MP3 Audiobooks
  • WMA Audiobooks
  • WMA Music
  • WMV Video

I looked at the online catalog of several churches offering ebooks using OverDrive and they are using that list.  


I also found a list of Format/Type of Material (TOM) codes from Polaris that has over 30 codes:

That's a bit much for our little collection, so I think I'm going to try the following list, at least for a start:

ABK Audio book
AUD Audio file
CAS Cassette tape
CD Compact disc
DVD Digital Video Disc
EBK eBook
ELR Electronic resource (local or Internet)
KIT A kit, usually containing VHS videotapes or DVDs and books
VHS VHS videotape recording
VID Video file



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