Seems to me with many if not most churches experiencing budget cuts, there is a greater need than ever for church librarians to be in the know about sources of free and cheap materials to add to their collections.

One of my favorites is a website called I have probably added around seventy titles to my library using the service of this very well administered book swap site. There are companion sites for CDs and DVDs as well. For the cost of mailing a book, a credit allows you to choose a book from the club database and even to create a wish list. Check it out!

Although I am aware of a few other places to obtain free and cheap titles, I wonder if others of you have had success, and where?

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Have you ever checked Abe Books?  Their books are new, or used, but like new. They are rated. If I have an older book out of print that is missing from a collection I have often found it there real cheap. I only buy the "like new" ones. Sometimes the books are free shipping, other times the book price may be pennies, with very minimal shipping. Have had good luck with them.

I use them also.  

Almyra and Martha,

Have not used Abe Books but will look them up!  Appreciate your replying!

Library and educational a good place for books at a bargain.  They only sell to schools and churches and many of their books are library bound.  They are not a Christian book site, but all their books are good--if there's ever anything about evolution in one of the books about animals--they tell you.  Also, they carry many new titles of Christian fiction at half-price.  They also carry DVDs and other types of media.  Sometimes their sales are up to 90% off.  I suggest that you go to their web site and get on their email list.  You will get weekly emails about their bargains.

Christian bookstores sometimes have a $5 display of books.  LifeWay Stores has such a section and they have some great Christian fiction where you might find a part of a series you may need.

I have a very small library budget and finding quality books at a price I can afford is difficult.  Here is one thing I do:  I browse catalogs, Lifeway shelves, etc. and fix on titles I want to buy.  My first go-to site is "".  Here I get the same books (gently used) for as little as $.75 plus shipping.  Shipping is usually around $3.50 but this is still cheaper than paying shelf price for books

midge wilson

Thanks, Midge!  I have not used but know others who have. 

Karen, let me make another suggestion for cheap books.  We have been trying to be sure that we have all the Christian fiction in a series.  Many times they are only available in ebooks; however, if you look up these titles on Amazon and click on the title, you will often find that they are available from other sources for $.01 or a little higher.  The postage will be $3.99 but much cheaper than from many places.  I've gotten many new books from them.  You pay Amazon and they send the orders to the various available companies.  In that way, you are paying Amazon for all that you order.   In fact, yesterday I sent an order to Amazon and that order was coming from 14 different sources with one payment to Amazon.

Thanks, Eva Nell.  Very good idea!

There's a good website where you put in the book title or ISBN and it'll search over 60 bookstores and lets you compare prices all in one search. Books a Million has tables with heavily discounted Christian fiction. I've also found some very good deals on eBay,, (a sponsor of this site), and Goodwill Bookstores.

Thanks for your post! I was not familiar with, but have bought books at Goodwill.

What about a source for reasonable Audio CD's and DVD's?

Janet - after posting, I tried & noticed that you can also search for DVDs & Music. Hope this helps you some.



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