We have several members who use the library and are smokers.

I have asthma which is triggered by my allergies. I am highly sensitive to smoke of any kind.

What do you recommend to get rid of smoke odors in books.

I've tried drier sheets in a zip lock bag, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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I started to direct you to a site "Things to make and do" that describes a home made ozone generator, but decided you didn't want to work with high volt projects.

A google for "smoke removal" gave a pointer to:


Google is a good friend. Find the magnifying glass and type your questions.

Thanks for helping me with this.

Kimberly: In no way was I intending to suggest that ozone be used to remove smoke odors. Google ozone dangers  and leave its use to those trained in its use.

Do not try OZONE!

Just recently I was posting in big letters to stay away from ozone.

Now today, I am suggesting trying the Amazon $20 battery operated O3 generator. It's claims only 2 mg per hour ozone production, compared 1000 mg/hr for large units, so I don't think there are health problems. I'd suggest a plastic box with air tight lid. Fan the book and place in the box with the gadget.

Whatever you try keep us posted as to results.

I have not tried these suggestions myself, but saw them in another group. 1. Fill a tote box with kitty litter, wrap books in newspaper and leave in sealed tote for 48 hours. 2. Use a Ziploc bag of woodchips and leave book in bag overnight. 3. Spray with Febreeze and let stand to air out. 4. Leave books in sunshine for couple of hours. 5. Leave books one week in Sterlite tub along with a drop of Purification EO on a cardboard toilet tissue tube. 6. If you don’t mind the smell of coffee on your books, enclose books in a container with coffee grounds. Can place grounds in pantyhose or use filter wrapped coffee packs.

I appreciate all the good tips.

I'll let you know which one works and what I did.

Sorry for the late reply but I'm sick. The fourth time since the first of the year.

All due to my asthma/allergies (asthmatic bronchitis)

Prayers are very much appreciated.

I have a large cookbook collection and often when I purchase these very old books at auction they smell like musty basement or worse.  I read (also on Google) to put the book in plastic bag that can be sealed like a gallon size Zip Loc for instance with baking soda which seemed to work.  I can at least handle the book without an allergic reaction.  I would not think this would be practical for a large number of books but for the occasional smelly book you might encounter it could work well enough as it would not cost much to give it a try.



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