Our library recently purchased a DVD from Lifeway and wanted to show it at a movie night this summer for about 30 people.  I emailed the distributor, Christianmovies.com, and was advised the movie is licensed on a per showing basis of $100.  Since this is the first time I've requested permission, I was astounded at the amount and needless to say, our library budget can't afford this.  We use a good portion of our budget each year for a CVLI license but some great movies are not included.  I'm interested to know what others of you think and do regarding this subject.

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Follow the rules.  :)

I believe that our task as librarians is to inform people of the CVLI license and what it does for us.  And to help them find DVDs in our collections that they can show in a group.  One suggestion is, if the group is small, someone could host the group in their home.

It is not always what people want to hear, but it is the law.  

You're absolutely right.  I wouldn't show a movie without permission.  I was just disappointed that the licensing fees are so high. Thanks Sandra.

Could someone explain to me (a Newbie to all this) what the acronym "CVLI" means and how do I know if a movie in our collection is licensed by them. I'm sorry but I can't find any label on the covers.

Christian Video License-International  You have to pay an annual licensing fee based on the size of your membership.  (Ours is $225 per year)  Go to their website for lots more info-cvli.com



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