Our library is open to the public at all hours, given that it is in a corner of the "Great Hall" and easily visible as soon as you come into the building.  This is great for making all users of the building aware of our library, and we have about 60 non-members who are registered borrowers.  Our AV is currently available only when the library is staffed -- Sundays and irregularly during the week.  Between times we keep it locked up for security, but we would really like to have it more accessible.  Any suggestions?

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That's great you have non-member patrons. About 1/3 of our patrons are non-members. We provide a service to the whole community. I would suggest finding some dedicated volunteers (maybe some retirees)who  would commit to a regular schedule during the week so your patrons would know for sure when the library would be available.

I suggest that what you have right now is best.  If you have open circulation on AV items, they may "walk" and you'll eventually be very low on inventory.  Staffing for check out would be my vote.



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