Do any of you allow your patrons to self check?  We have a fairly small library and so far I have allowed it by having them fill out the book cards and leave them in a box until a librarian is available to enter the information, but I really want to get rid of the cards which would leave us without this "self-check" ability.

Any thoughts?

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That sounds just like us!  Exact same issues I'm trying to overcome...

Gail, those are the exact issues I am trying to overcome!

We're still using cards to check out material so the borrower writes their name and phone number on the card and drops the card in our check-out box.

We use the self-check thing, but usually there is a librarian in the library when it is open.  We collect the cards and file them in a box; when the book is returned we put the card back into the pocket in the front of the book.

It works fairly well.  We do lose things occasionally but we've accepted that as part of having this ministry and we try not to get upset about it.  Often, if a person knows they are responsible for a lost item, they will offer to replace it for us.

Our future library will be in our fellowship hall where people have coffee, or we have shared lunch once a month.

My plan is to make a checkout card where the person writes their name and phone # and then can list various items they are checking out below, by the Accession # which will be on a label right on the front of the item (along with our church phone, checkout period of 1 month, and plea for returning promptly).

That way, the person doesn't have to fill out their name and # on 4 or 6 different videos, books etc for their family.  

Do you think that would help them be more careful with legibility and phone info?  I think they can just get tired of writing that on each item's separate card.  And we don't have to make a card and pocket for each item.  Just blank cards at a central checkout area for patrons to fill out.

Any thoughts or advice?


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