Where would I find a sample letter to send to a family menmber to let them know a book has been donated to the library in memory of their loved one?

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This is what we write to our honoree family. You can adjust it as needed. We send something similar to the donors, too to thank them for their gift.

"The First Baptist Library ministry has receive a donation from (put donor's name). This gift was presented to us in memory of (or honor of) your father (mother, etc.), PUT FATHER's NAME HERE.
With this contribution, we selected # items. The first is entitled BOOK NAME HERE. The book cover states, AND WE GIVE A BRIEF SYNOPSIS FROM THE COVER.
Then list additional books.
We are happy to add this material to our collection. It will help the spiritual growth of our community. Only eternity will reveal how many lives this contribution will affect."

If for some reason, they give us duplicate materials, we state that and tell which ministry might receive the duplicate.
One thing we have found out is contributions began to increase when we sent a letter rather than just a donation-type statement.
Thank you very much.
We make a card from regular copy paper folded twice--On it we simply place a pop-up of the book or other media (which we cut from ads, catalogs, etc.) saying that this media has been given to the library (for whatever the occasion) and we're holding it for you to be the first to check it out.

In the case of a new baby (it's a great idea to place a book in the library in honor of little ones born to members of your church) we list the baby's name which may be the first time they have seen it in print.

Because of holding it for the honoree to be the first to check it out, we have gotten new customers in the library.
That is pretty neat doing the pop-up of the book picture. If you were unable to find a picture in a catalog - - you could scan it and print a small picture - - - - or create the card with the picture printed on it. I like that idea, Eva Nell.
Eva, those are great ideas and I'm going to use them in my library ministry.



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