If you were to attend a conference for church librarians, what are some workshop options you'd like to see? What interests you, what would you find helpful in your job as a church librarian?


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*Setting up the Children's Collection --- this being early childhood (Infant thru 7 year-old) --- part of discussion may be of how to best adapt/utilize the Dewey Decimal System in order to organize interest areas.  

*Ideas / ways to work closely with other ministries of the church

*Mentoring others into the Library service 

*Library Policy Making & application of the policies  "What does it look like?"

I hope this is helpful and makes sense.  It sounds like something wonderful is in the works! 

Linda  Schlabach 

Thanks, that is helpful!

Bumping this up - anyone else have a response for me?


Marketing!  How to let the church family and community know about the resources that are available.

Book Repair!

In Tennessee we have had several different promotion classes including reading clubs, activities, reaching out into the community, developing promotion themes, making the library more attractive, etc. Also classes on developing the collection, processing, administration, cataloging and processing, internet resources for library workers etc.



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