My question is this:  Can you promote media in your library on the church's big screen in the sanctuary and in the hallways using cover pictures of books, dvds, etc. without being in violation of copyright laws?

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We do and we have excellent legal checks so I feel confident about that. We only use it to promote however.

Rita Kirkland
Thanks! I did get an answer from Lifeway legal dept. too and they approved as long as no copying of the book or dvd was taking place. It looked great on Sunday! Opens up a new way to promote our most current additions.
Diane, I feel that the big screen in the sanctuary is one of the best ways to promote media. You have a captive audience and it takes place before the worship service begins. As long as we are only promoting the media from our library, there should not be a problem with publishers and producers--but it is best to ask and then set up a file for such permissions. We work with the person in charge of the powerpoint presentations for our services and submit our powerpoint slides to be shown.



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