I am looking for programs my library could offer? Reading type programs for children, maybe a reading contest type thing geared toward adults, things along those lines. In addition, any other fun/interactive programs your libraries offer? Thanks in advance!

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Here are a few things that I did last year.



October 1 - October 26

This contest is for all ages.  For each church library book you read, you will earn an entry in the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING.  Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, October 29 during morning worship service.


Read as many books as you like.  Fill out an entry form for each book you read and place it in the contest bucket.  Deadline for entering contest:  October 26.


3 $10 Gift Certificates:  Blue Spoon, Encouraging Words, Sonic Drive-In

(One Prize Per Person)

 Join the celebration and read a book!


 A vital part of making materials readily available to patrons is keeping the books and DVD’s in proper order.  Sign up to be a shelf reader for one afternoon.  No special skills needed.  Just put the fiction material in alphabetical order and the non-fiction in numerical order.     



 Come spend an afternoon in the library to help process books. The Librarian does the cataloging, but you can help by assigning Accession  Numbers and write book info in the Accession Book, stamp with WVBC Library stamp, glue in book pockets, computer type and attach book cards and book spine labels. 

Yes, you can do it – it will be fun!

Hope this helps. Ann

Thanks, I will definitely address some of these

I really like the Read a Book contest!  I may integrate that into our Summer Reading Program this year.

One thing we are trying to do this summer as well is to kick things off with a "Meet the Author" night. We'll be providing local authors with a table where they can set up and sell their books and meet members of our Church. The books won't need to be religious, but they will need to be clean and appropriate for a Church audience. We'll serve light refreshments and show off the library.

Another idea especially for children is Book Bingo (or Library Lingo). The boxes could include types of books to be read: Mission book, biography, any book (could be all diagonal boxes), etc. or I saw a summer one which had the boxes with places to read like read in a car, after dinner, in someone else's bed, etc. 

When I did it we gave the children a month to complete a row or  column. For each sheet they turned in they were able to pick for the treasure box and also be entered into a grand prize drawing. They could fill out as many as they wanted. 

There are many variations. 

Nice, I like that, thanks

My favorite reading program for teens through adults has been

   Reading With Your Sweetie 

   February 1-28

I adapted this from another library. They participate as couples. We gave them each couple a little treat bag that included a calendar page of February (or a paper with 1-28 listed on it) with how to participate written on the back. The treat bag also included a little box of candy hearts, microwave popcorn, and two packs of individual hot chocolate.

Side note:

You wouldn't have to add the snacks but our library is known for our candy jar all year and free fresh popcorn during our Movie month. My husband would go out in the halls with extra bags of popcorn a little before we left each Sunday. We saw great smiles those days. And questions of where's the library? When is it open? Some Sundays we ended up staying late because though they were standing right across the hall with no plans of coming in, after he went out giving away the popcorn, some would come in after all. Sorry, I digress. Back to Reading With Your Sweetie...

How to Participate:

Each couple checks out either one book to read together or two books to read separately. They are welcome to return for more when they finished their first books. Mark each day on the calendar that they either read together or talked about the books they are reading separately. Then turn it in the calendar page with their names and library member number on it at the end of the month. From all who participate, we draw a couple to win a dinner for two at a nice restaurant in town (which was a donated gift card). Second couple drawn received dessert for two from that restaurant.

Additional info:

We advertised the dinner and dessert prizes but also stated all participating couples would receive a gift. We didn't advertise what those gifts would be as it depended on how many participated and what donations we received or our budget could afford. Generally participants could choose from books (usually new looking donations that we didn't need), mugs with a heart design, bookmarks with 1 Corinthians 13 or similar on them, music CD, etc. whatever inexpensive but nice looking gifts we could find or were donated. 

Whether they checked off every day or just a few, all were equally eligible to win the drawing. Every time we advertised the event, new couples that had never come to the library showed up. That was exciting. Though some didn't show up again until the next February. 

This is super cute, thanks :)

This isn't what you'd normally think of as a library program but last year our library team decided to start having a monthly "Blanket Bee" to make fleece tied blankets for our local C.A.S A. They are easy to make and we advertised no prior experience necessary, learn a new craft and give back to the community. We had parents and children enjoying working together, seniors, teens and twenty-somethings, and some adults that hadn't yet found friends or a place to belong in Church. It was really a neat experience!

That sounds like what our Ladies Ministry did for the shut-ins a few years ago. They made them on their fall retreat so they were ready for Christmas gifts. 



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