I was asked about the above. Is there any on the horizon for the above?
Annie Stewart

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I'm not sure what you want to know about producing a DVD. Could you elaborate a bit.
Buford, I think they mean a DVD instructing people on how to process a book. I would like to see
one on how to process CDs and DVDs. I guess this would be a DVD of someone explaining the
process. I would like to see a simplified booklet on these two things. Keith Mee
Years ago a VHS was done in regard to preparing media for circulation in a church library. In fact that was the title for the VHS "Preparing Media for Circulation". I'm just asking if the same type of training can be done in DVD format for those who do not have access to training in their immediate area. It is a whole lot cheaper to buy a DVD than to fly to Texas, or Arizona, or back east to attend a training conference.



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