Where can I find a clear, easy to follow, complete guidance for processing CDs and DVDs?

9/25 The only help seems to be in Church Library Ministry Information Service.
Help for determining call numbers on page 56. Help for processing on page 107.
The index in this publication is very helpful. Would appreciate any other help you know about.. Keith Mee

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Try search with Google using search CD cover images.

http://www.cdcovers.cc/ seems interesting. Try clicking on Cover icon on the navigation bar.

If you have MS Word check
for CD case templates.

The one that might work for you is

We have used a couple of different types of audio cases. In both instances we trim the box in which the audio book was purchased. One of the cases will hold 2-4 CDs and is about the size of a DVD case -- we attach the trimmed cover to a piece of black paper which is cut to fit inside the clear cover of the audio CD case. The other case is more square and will hold more CDs in sleeves. Again, we trim the original box to fit inside the clear outer sleeve. We place an ownership label, spine label, and barcode on the original box cover before inserting it into the clear sleeve. Works very well and can be placed on shelves just like we shelve books, but not with the books.
If you use pockets and cards, you can attach the pocket inside the front of the case -- or just put the card inside the case. It works!
I believe in using all that expensive artwork on the original box and not making more work trying to make a new cover!
I'll see if I can make some pictures to demonstrate, but it may be a few days!



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