Our interim senior pastor, Justin Deeter (who is about to graduate with a Masters in Divinity, yeah!) has posted this request on Facebook about 2 hours ago:

Ok I need a book suggestion for a reading group. I'm looking for a single volume book of Charles Spurgeon Sermons that has diversity in topic and spans his entire ministry. I'm looking for something similar to Yale's "The Sermons of Jonathan Edwards". Anybody have any suggestions?

Now, I must say that Justin is a well-read young man of about 25 that is firmly grounded in God's Word and is wise beyond his years.  I did a quick search and came up empty. Spurgeon preached for a long time and anything that covered his entire ministry was volumes long. 

So instead of reinventing the wheel, I am asking the other "experts". 

Any suggestions?

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I seem to remember a volume entitled an evening with Spurgeon?  Can you check used places? abebooks.com, bookfinder,


I checked www.worldcat.org for the title evening with Spurgeon and got  about 160 hits, but none exact. The titles I saw with morning or evening seemed to be daily devotions.

I find worldcat.org to be a great resource. Sometimes to locate a nearby library that has an item of interest or to see how other libraries have classified an item.

Another interesting site is http://classify.oclc.org/classify2/ that shows relative classification done by libraries for a particular item. 

I was wrong on the title- The Evening with is Moody. 

But I looked what our library has- One resource would be the Frank Boreham Treasury compiled by Gunther- it has a lot of the greats and the sermons that made them.    Lectures to my students  is a another one, and the John Ploughman something.   If he is looking for a succinct biography- Wiersbe has one entitled:  50 people every Christian should know. 


Try the Christian Ethereal Library- they have a lot of out of print books ready to read right there on site.  Don't know why it slipped my mind.   You can find titles, and if he likes them, then you go to the bookfinder or abebooks or half.com and find the book he wants.  

Wonderful ideas for my research. I guess I not a wordsmith though, because it was really looking for a book that one of you geniuses had already gotten for your own library or whatever. But you knew a title that would fulfill his request.

Any titles? Or am I wishing for an dream here? Thank you all and have a wonderfully blessed and merry Christmas.


I haven't got any others than what I gave you, but that on-line library would give you hundreds of titles.   Suggest to him that he go browse there.  He can read a little and then decide.  Another resource would be Kindle titles from Amazon.com.  Many Christian classics have been put into that format for next to nothing.   Sorry I can't help you more.  Now if it was Moody, I've got a title, but not Spurgeon except for the Treasury of Psalms which is his most famous.

okay- these are the titles on Spurgeon that our library holds:

12 Sermons for the troubled and Tried

The Soul Winner: How to lead sinners to Christ

Lectures to my students? (can't read my own writing)



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