'we have our library up and running pretty well right now.  Our goal is to open it to the public. Since October is Church Library Month, I was wondering what other church librarians are planning. 

I thought an open house or something. Our congregation is on board with this, but I don't know what works and how we should expend our energy.

Any suggestions. SOON would be appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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Well I must confess I have not heard of Church Library Month. I like the promotion. An open house sounds like a great idea. How would you advertise this to the public?

HI Paul,

Don't remember where I found it on line, but it was a few years ago.  I'm thinking an open house, but I don't have any ideas of what to offer.

I plan on advertising in our local newspaper plus in our local "poop sheet", The Roundup. We're a small town (Under 1,000 people) and I suspect more folks read the Roundup than the local paper.


A small town gives you a great advantage in promotion. You can reach most everybody in your local newspaper and The Roundup.

For the open house in addition to refreshments I would display the most recent and popular titles and be ready with library card applications for everyone. Maybe host a showing of a popular Christian movie such as "A Case for Christ" and then have copies for people to check out and share with others.

I will have to admit, like Paul, that I have never heard of a Church Library Month.  Sounds good!  An open house is a great idea.  Several years ago when we started opening to the public, we had an open house.  We did have refreshments, etc. and had copies of our library brochure available for them.

Paul's idea of a movie is great and the suggestion he made is a great one.  We have recently showed it in our church; however it is one for which you must purchase a license to show.  That is true of most movies.

Wish you well, Linda.  Now that I know that October is Church Library Month, I'll try to make a few plans of our own!

Here is a link to National Church Library Month:  http://nclabranches.blogspot.com/2010/09/october-is-church-library-...   I agree with all that was said above.

At our open house to celebrate the opening of the library, we had a dedication and blessing ceremony.  We had a book drawing; I made small magnetic calendars that also showed our mission statement; I made bookmarks with library days and hours on one side and DD numbers and subject headings for the main headings in the 200's.  Also had appropriate coloring sheets for kids to take home.

For our October celebration I plan to have some 3-5 minute videos about our library.  One could be a collage of pictures of our church family using the library with accompanying narration.  We will have a book reading challenge with three prizes.  One entry for each book read.  I plan to have a couple of work-in-the-library afternoons, helping to process books.  Also have an Adopt-a-Shelf where people sign up to do shelf reading and straightening of books.  I'm still working on ideas.

Thank You, Ann!
I've been drawing a blank. Talked with our public librarians and they suggested we have a children's art show.  Getting in contact with people about that now!
Loved the idea of a magnetic calendar.  
Also, I'll take those other suggestions: book reading, etc.  I'm a one-woman show at this point, but you have some great ideas for down the road.  

We have been without a pastor for about a year now, but I'm hopeful we'll have one soon. Talked with one of the candidates today, as a matter of fact. He is very supportive of the Church Library Ministry and was very encouraging. (He's got MY vote, you can be sure)

Thanks for all your encouragement... sometimes I feel like a tiny little dingy in the middle of a vast ocean...

I understand about being a one-man show.  I have been since I took it over in 2006.   If I hold special work days then I get a few volunteers.  Otherwise it is just me.  I'm glad I was able to give you a few ideas.  I would really appreciate you sharing with me anything else you come up with.  I will pray for you and a successful celebration in October.



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