We have catalogued the 7 books in the O'Malley series in sequential order. How have others catalogued the book called Jennifer, which expands on a character/s in the series? Have some of you treated it like a prequel?

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Yes we did

Option 1:  Some libraries are adding it as:  "Prequel."  They would use the three letters PRE on the line for volume number.    

Option 2:  Use 00 as the volume number to get a prequel in the proper order on the shelf.  :-)  

I would suggest the second option is the best.  

So, the series would be numbered:

V.00  (for book titled: Jennifer)



v.03, etc.

Thank you, Adair and Hope, for responding with your suggestions. Much appreciated!

I use a third line on the spine label (and the identifier on the title page) to identify a specific book, especially when an author has written many books (this helps to properly shelve the books). I use initial letters for up to the first three key words in a title (e.g., Beneath a Navajo moon by Lisa Carter -- F Car BNM). But for a series, I use one or two key word letters and the number of its place in the series in order ensure that the books are shelved in series order.

In the case of the O'Malley series, Danger in the shadows is the prequel of the series and I labeled it accordingly (F Hen OM0). The next six books were labeled OM1 through OM6. Then Jennifer came along later (almost as an afterthought) so I did not consider it to be a prequel and I labeled it F Hen OM7.

Thank you for your input, Ron. I appreciate you taking the time to share your method!

I didn't consider it to be a prequel either. It's been a while since I read them but I thought her death came after the other books were written. 



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