NonChristian fiction/novels - What have you added to your library over the years?

Rebirth of an old question; in need of refreshing IMO. 

What novels / fiction works have you added to your church library in the past few years?

Which books do you have in your collection which don't have Christian authors (necessarily) or 'Christian related' themes which you have nonetheless included due to their literary value?

Since I'm just beginning (first 6 months) to build a new church library, I'd appreciate your insight on this. I have many donated books to wade through at this point; no budget to work with/purchase new material.

Do appreciate your input.

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Here are some we've added:

The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes

Rascal by Sterling North

Rufus M. by Eleanor Estes

The Red Badge of Courage - Stephen Crane

A Girl of the Limberlost - Gene Stratton Porter

Tom Sawyer - Mark Twain

Johnny Tremain - Esther Forbes

A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens

Charlotte's Web - EB White

Brighty of the Grand Canyon and others by Marguerite Henry

Homer Price - Robert McCloskey

The Matchlock Gun by Walter Edmonds

Heidi - Johanna Spyri

Winnie-the-Pooh by AA Milne

Black Beauty - Anna Sewell

The Call of the Wild - Jack London

Around the World in 80 Days - Jules Verne

The Bronze Bow - Elizabeth Speare

My Side of the Mountain - Jean Craighead George

The Wind in the Willows - kenneth Grahame

All-of-a-Kind Family - Sydney Taylor

Ginger Pye - Eleanor Estes

Am familiar with many of these; good choices! I can see why you've added these.

Thank you Debbie!


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