NonChristian fiction/novels - What have you added to your library over the years?

Rebirth of an old question; in need of refreshing IMO. 

What novels / fiction works have you added to your church library in the past few years?

Which books do you have in your collection which don't have Christian authors (necessarily) or 'Christian related' themes which you have nonetheless included due to their literary value?

Since I'm just beginning (first 6 months) to build a new church library, I'd appreciate your insight on this. I have many donated books to wade through at this point; no budget to work with/purchase new material.

Do appreciate your input.

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Hi Bruce, 

What about Rolling Thunder, Hear my Cry and its sequel?

I'm not sure if the author is Christian or not, but I know its often required reading for youth.  We have this in our youth section.

Thank you, Linda - I'm not familiar with these titles; I'll have to look them up on the amazon site. 

I appreciate your suggestions.

Although this series is historically based, It may be too intense in subject matter and how prejudice is portrayed, depending on your church and your setting. Each church is a bit different. Some churches may have no issue with the content.

The author is Mildred Taylor.  It's based in the south during the civil rights era.  I'm actually debating if we should keep that in our library or not. I'll need to revisit that with those who help advise me. I know that according to one of my sisters (who teaches) that this series is usually required reading in schools around where I live. 

Thank you for this Linda.

A great place to start, for children's books anyway, are the Newbery and Caldecott award winners.  I can't think of a single Caldecott winner (the illustrator receives this award, so these are picture books) that would be inappropriate for a church library.  I wish I could say the same for the Newbery award winners!  These are usually chapter books for middle grade readers.  Every now and then, the winner contains material that is not highly objectionable, but may be inappropriate for a church library.  You would have to decide on which to include on an individual basis.

If you do not have Madeline L'Engle's books, they are chapter books for middle grades that are suitable for a church library.  She is a Newbery medal winner.  The author, not deceased, was a Christian and there are lots of Christian elements in her stories, much like the C S Lewis books.  

As far as adult books go, Charles Martin is one of my favorites.  His novels contain themes of love, redemption, sometimes even scriptures.  Although the gospel may not be shared explicitly in all of his books, hope is found throughout them.  They are definitely suitable for church libraries.

They have some transgender books that are award winners now, so make sure you look up what the book is about before you buy and stock

A good caution to bear in mind! Thank you Amanda!

I appreciate your suggestions Cathy. Charles Martin is a name that is new to me; I'll have to check him out. Having looked over award winning books in the past, I have to agree with your comment on Caldecott winners especially. 

Thank you.

Bruce, I have only faith based novels in my adult/youth fiction collection, but have been updating my children’s collection over the past year with many new non-Christian titles and authors. This includes juvenile chapter books, picture books, beginning readers, Early Chapter books and graphic novels. I can share titles and authors with you if you are interested.

Thank you, Janice. Sorry for the long delay in replying; we've moved to a new library/new fellowship just about the time you replied. We'll have some new challenges with this new library but if you could share about a dozen or so titles & authors, I'd love that.

Thanks again!

I love Madeleine L'Engle's books too but be careful....they are not all suitable for a church library.  A House Like A Lotus is definitely not suitable.  And while I love the original Time trilogy - A Wrinkle In Time, A Wind in the Door, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet, I would not put in Many Waters or the next one, whose title escapes me at this moment.

If you are still in need of suggestions here, please let me know, and I will create a list of the non-Christian fiction we have added to our library.  We have been working on this for several years and have a nice selection now.

Thank you for this Debbie- this is a helpful suggestion. I've moved to a new library recently & we'll have some new challenges. 


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