Does anyone know of a network of Southern Baptist Church Libraries in the state of Wyoming?  I am interested in either joining such a group or starting one.  Wanting to have a way to communicate with others and perhaps help them with their libraries.  We need more dissemination of information for novice librarians with no training and information on how to turn a stagnant pile of books into a viable collection that serves the needs of their congregation.

Open to suggestions.

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Sounds like a great idea for Wyoming! I encourage you to follow the prompts in the Groups page to set up a Wyoming group. But I also encourage you to check out EQUIP as a guide for learning about church libraries. Of course, you have hundreds of very experienced librarians at your door step here on the CLN for assistance with ideas. Just post your questions on Q&A.  Glad you are here!

Linda, how about doing an Evangelical church library network, instead of just SBC churches?

And how about an Idaho, Montana, Wyoming network?

We church librarians are few and far between in this area.

I grew up in Wyoming and now live in NW Montana and am just about to start a church library.  I'd love to have some comrades in the northern Rockies to talk shop with!  My first church after becoming a Christ follower was an SBC church in Powell, WY.

Hi Deanna,

that's an interesting idea.  You are right, there are very few of us out here in the Rockies.  At this point, I'm still waiting on a reply from one of our head honchos.  think I'll give him a nudge in another week or so.


HI Folks, 

It's been a while since I've had an opportunity to deal with anything other than subsistence activities. Between my breast cancer, hubby's brain tumor and heart issues, life has been a bit of a challenge. That's all right. God is in control.

My original thoughts were that I would go to any church that wanted help  setting up their library. The problem is, I don't have reliable transportation. Plus, since I have fibromyalgia and lupus, it's difficult for me to travel ... fatigue and pain issues.  

However, I created a PowerPoint presentation to teach a four-week Apologetics class (as per pastor's request).

That gave me the idea to create a PowerPoint presentation on cataloging and using LibraryThing and set up a workshop at our church.  Once I get the footwork done and clear it with the deacons, I'll offer it to the public. Anyone will be welcome to attend. 

For those who come from out of town, bring a sleeping bag!  We have showers, a kitchen, and facilities to house quite a few people.  

Dubois, Wyoming is only 80 miles from Yellowstone National Park. If I plan this even for next summer, people might take a few extra days to see the fabulous mountains, fishing, and wildlife.  Did I mention that we have world-class trout streams around here?

Any thoughts on this?



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