Our library is a bit off the beaten path for most of our congregation.  Our team was toying around with the idea of bringing the library to where the people are...a sort of "mobile library"... and possibly setting up a table in the Commons area. We would display books which could be checked out right at the table related to the sermon, season, or particular conference/revival.  Has anyone ever done anything similar?  Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated, especially what to call something like this (I'm not sure if I like the term "mobile library!).  Thank you!

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For years we took a book cart up to the fellowship hall for diners to peruse or make a request for the following week.  We only have about 20 readers who really benefited from this.  We stopped when the church stopped making Wednesday night suppers.

We recently began having those Wednesday night suppers again so I will have to revisit this idea myself!

Great suggestion!  We also have a dinner on Wednesdays where we could implement your ideas---thank you!

For years I have had a book, DVD, and CD display table in our foyer.  I also have a sign of the check out policy, a couple of pencils, and a tray to hold the book cards.  I change the display at the beginning of each month showing the new items and sometimes include media according to themes; i.e. Christmas, Vallentine's Day, Prayer, Spiritual Growth, etc.  This has worked really well for me.  Oh, also, I have a small bulletin board above the table which I decorate according to theme with a poster of words of encouragement to read.  The foyer is also where we have a coffee counter and goodies before Sunday School and before church service, so there is always a crowd in that area.

Thank you for the wonderful ideas Ann!  On average, how many books do you have checked out form your display table each week?

We are a really small church averaging 50-60 weekly attendance, but growing since a split several years ago.  I haven't kept a record specifically for the foyer table check outs, but overall we average 5-10 weekly for books and movies, but then all of sudden there comes a month where we have close to 20.  Really unpredictable.

Thank you!

We have a cart that I call our "Bookmobile".  We roll it into the children's building foyer from time to time.  It does help visibility and reminds people about our library which is just outside of the main auditorium.  It is staffed with a volunteer who can check in and out from the cart.  Good luck!

Love the name!  A cart would make it MUCH easier to transport books.  It might be a good investment for our library.

We had a cart built on wheels that looks like a tree with limbs and leaves. We take it to the children's area of the church loaded with books that would appeal to them that they or their parents can check out. We have a sign hanging from one of the limbs that reads, "BRANCH LIBRARY". Perhaps you could find someone in the church that would build something like it.

Oh my goodness!  That is amazing!  You have some very creative folks at your church!  Bet you have a lot of kids "leafing" through the books when you wheel that into the children's area!  You are helping me to think outside the box though...thank you!



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