This is Marilyn Camper, FUMC Livingston Texas.  We are working on our Policy & Procedures notebook for our library.  Does anyone have a media review policy that they could share?  thanks

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We don't have a media review policy in writing other than it must meet our the policy we have for our books.  I attempt to watch trailers or the movie itself, and check all the ratings for each content subject, before I purchase it.  I use Amazon Prime and Netflix to watch the movie and look for trailers with my computer on line.  I would love to know what other libraries use, also, so I hope some will share with us.

I will be doing an email blast next week. I will include this request. I need it too!!

We do have a Gift and Selection policy.   But after getting burned several times by DVD's I thought were safe and clean, I made up my own based on Plugged In.  Now, every movie unless it has stellar reviews from a number of sources, someone takes home the folder, and the movie, and fills it where anything untoward is found:  ie, cussing, sex, violence, drugs/alcohol, etc., and what's good- Is the Gospel presented, is there spiritual growth in the protagonist, other characters.    Mine is based largely on Plugged in, and I don't want to get into the trouble for plagerism so I cannot give it to you, but check Plugged in- they are very thorough.  Also, check Amazon's top and bottom reviews.   

This is not a policy that addresses whether a media item is appropriate for a library collection, but in case it helps, I am sharing instructions I gave to writers of media reviews when I was a media review editor for a church publication:

  • In general, begin with reviewing the contents of the item, telling the readers what it covers, and then continue with reviewing how well the item fulfills its objectives, including comments on style, organization, credibility of content, effectiveness of format, technical quality/production techniques, suitability for intended audience, suggestions for follow-up, etc.
  • Indicate what, if anything, the item adds to our knowledge of the subject and how it may differ from accepted views.
  • Be balanced (fair). Take a position between being overly favorable and overly critical.  No production is perfect; thus, you should make an effort to find and discuss its weaknesses.  Nevertheless, judge it primarily on what the creator sets out to do, not what you wish it had done.  Academic integrity is undermined by being uncritical, but professionalism and Christian courtesy demand that biases, prejudices, and "put down" attitudes on the part of the reviewer must be avoided.



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