Hey!  I need some suggestions.  I have recently joined a church and am trying to get the Media Center in order and draw some interest.  There is a bulletin board in a hallway I was told I could use.  I'm not creative!  I would love to do a basic layout that I can change with ease for each season.  I'm trying to decide what color background paper to put over the cork.  Does anyone have any suggestions and pictures of your bulletin boards you could share?  Thanks so much!

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I would strongly suggest getting in Pinterest, if you're a Pinterest person, and searching for "library bulletin boards" or even "church library bulletin boards".  We have one in our hallway which we update every three months or so, and we've gotten lots of ideas there.  We generally use posterboard to cover the cork, and we get borders from school supply stores or on-line.  As far as what goes on it, it depends on the season and what is going on - when we're getting close to summer reading, for example, the bulletin board is about whatever program we're doing that summer.  Right now we have the words I Spy In My Library, and then various genres, like Mystery, Young Adult, Audio, etc, and with each genre, a picture of some books from that category that are in the library.

Thanks.  I do have a pinterest board full of ideas.  I'm just looking for a main board I can fix and then just change out different pictures of books.  I can't do the seasons themes.  I love them, but I'm not crafty at all!  

Search Pinterest for library bulletin board. Here are some ideas I picked up.




Thanks!  I do have a whole board on Pinterest full of ideas.  I'm not crafty, so I'm basically looking at a bulletin board that I can fix and just change out pictures of books.  I would love to do the different themes for each season, but that's not realist for me.  

We've posted short reviews people have written about the books they've read.  People love to read what their friends have said & it starts a dialogue about good books.



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