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Our Library is looking for for an old-fashioned media cart. The kind that has wheels and two or three shelves. We are willing to pay, and I will travel 100 miles from Mobile to get one.

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I have not had to purchase one because I was fortunate to have two already when I became librarian.  I do see them on the DEMCO site regularly and frequently on sale.  Amazon also carries them.  Although I've never seen them locally, I suspect you might find them online at a site like Home Depot.  Finding one in a store may be a challenge, but I wish you well.

I purchased one at Amazon - it is wood and is now about $89.00  It was difficult to put together at first because it came with no written instructions. I finally found a youtube video with instructions and my husband, who is pretty handy, put it together.  If you type this into Amazon you should be able to find it:

fixturedisplays wood book cart library cart pew cart 10969

Most of the ones from Demco and other library suppliers are $300.

Good luck!

I looked at shelves on wheels on Amazon. I wanted one to display a few books in our Welcome Center hoping a few books might be checked out.



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