Would be interested in knowing how you all circulate magazines if at all. We are only doing it on paper now but would like to use Concourse so they would be included in our circulation numbers. I don't want to catalog each issue. Thoughts?

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I am also interested in hearing ideas about this subject.   Currently we are using a clip board with sign out date, name, magazine name and volume number or published date, and signed back in date.

We don't circulate magazines but have often thought they should be included in our circulation statistics. I would think you could do some brief cataloging in Concourse that would suffice for getting your circulation usage count if they are checked out. You could also just open up  a patron record for a generic magazine account for magazines checked out or used in house unless you want to know which specific magazines are being used.

We don't circulate periodicals, but here are some suggestions if you are using Concourse. They are untried so I suggest you test  them carefully.


First, I would add Material and Report class for Periodical. (And circulation type if needed.)  Then create a dummy entry for your magazine, using the name for the title. Add whatever information you think useful. Replace ISBN with the ISSN if you wish (accepting that it is an incorrect ISBN).

For the first call number you could use whatever would indicate where the item will be shelved. The second would identify the item name. The third would  be the volume, number or date of the item.


To add the item to the catalog bring up the dummy entry, press Add Copy One, change the last index entry. Your normal spine label can be applied to the periodical.

An entry can be removed without disturbing the master entry.

One problem I see with this is that subject headings are limited to those for the master copy.

My response will be different from most others because my church provides a copy of each of our denominational magazines including devotional magazines and our state denominational weekly newspaper  Therefore we have no need to provide them in the library.l  However, the magazines are delivered to the library and we are responsible for placing them in large racks throughout the church.  Another ministry we have is to collect used magazines to send to nursing homes, etc. for their use.  However, we do have a tall standing towel rack that we keep in our library next to a sitting area.  We keep current magazines on the rack and people can use them while waiting on someone else or just having a little time to visit.  This has been a great feature for us.  If we did have magazines, I would take Ann's idea of a clip board.  It would be very easy to keep track and to have numbers to add to your circulation.



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