Can anyone recommend and comment on free and easy library software programs?  I have about 1300 titles, print and media.  I use general subject heads, not Dewey.  My catalog and periodical databases are on excel spreadsheets. Circulation is by card and pocket.  I don't want to change that. 

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Hi, Buford,

Please see my reply to Bev Etzelmuller above.  Thanks!

Hi Deanna

I'm learning something every day. I didn't know there was such a thing as private Ning messages between friends.  Guess I need to be more friendly.

Oh, I am just fine with talking shop in this forum, Buford.

I wanted to private message Bev because I was sending her my home address.  That's all.

I'm very interested in how you are working with Excel and Word - as you said that you are

"creating an Excel library catalog file. It uses VBA macros to

Display items selected by title, author, or group (group is going to be a broad subject)

Or display all items sorted as above for browsing. (Title sort skips leading articles.)

A macro also searches for new entries and creates spine labels via Word."

I've never heard of VBA.  Anyway, if it's easier to talk about it on the phone I'm interested!  Or perhaps doing some screen shots in some kind of tutorial (but that takes time) for those of us interested would be an option.

Also, what "broad subjects" do you use?  

Thanks for giving us that gmail address also - would you rather dialogue through email? Just let me know what works best for you.

I'm happy to share what I've done with you, but first a disclaimer. If you decide to use this I'll help you with any problems and make any minor modification that you might want. But, I'm 91 and not expecting to expire soon, but who knows?

Here's a screen shot from the OPAC view of a patron catalog search for authors names starting with LA: Call1-Call 4 is the four lines found on the spine label. The Lib column indicates the item is kept on the 2nd or 3rd floor. Column J does not normally appear. It controls the spine label printing. Multiple books by the same author are listed in order by title. (Title searches list are sorted by title ignoring leading article.) The entry for Landis illustrates how an items with multiple titles are handled. In this case the title is included in a Reader's Digest condensed book. (The X in col. J indicates no spine label is to be printed.)

The Subject search has not been completely implemented. I've considered adding circulation, but it is not needed for my application.

If you are interested in this give me your email address and I can send you a working copy. You will need a PC with a copy of Excel (The Microsoft Excel Viewer will not handle VBA). I am using version 10, but earlier versions should work OK.  Questions?

(In the snippit above I notice two errors: Line 3 Call 3 has 5 instead of 4 characters. Penultimate line author's name has an extra s. Guess I'm not MLS material.)

Thanks for this info, Buford. Sorry it took so long to reply - life has been extra busy the past week.

I will email you so that you have my email address.

I would very much like to have a list of your subjects for your church library as well as the instructions to print labels.   I just googled vba excel 2010 and looked at a few web pages in the search results - absolutely confusing to me!  Yikes.

Thanks for being willing to help out - if you know of any web tutorials that explain VBA for an "advanced beginner" in Excel, please let me know!

1. For  subject headings go to the top of this page and in the upper right hand corner search box enter "Sears Subject Heading"

2. Scroll down to "Comment on: Page CLM Clasification & Subject Cataloging:"

 Click on it.

3. On the new page scroll up or down to find a numbered list. Under item 4 click on "Sears List of Subject Headings" Eva Nell's  PDF list of subject headings suitable for church libraries will be displayed.

The list shows headings in upper case. I don't like upper case and don't use it for subject headings. I think that upper case may be a carry over from card catalog days where it was used to distinguish between titles(?) and subject headings.

If you are interested in VBA check your public library for books like Excel VBA for Dummies.

I haven't received your email address.

Re: Subject Headings

Instead of the mess in my previous reply, go to the main page, scroll down to Items of Interest, and double click on Sears Subject Headings.

Perfect set up.  I have used Excel since I computerized the library in 1995.  I use Mail Merge in Word.  If you send me your address, I can send you a sample spreadsheet that I use. 

I got the packet - wow, what a wealth of information!  Thank you!

I will go through the technical stuff - spreadsheet and label making and get back to you with any questions.



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