Is or has anyone used Prima Soft Library Software and how would you rate it.  I need new software and need to turn in a price for my 2018 budget.


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Linda, I have never heard of Prima Software, have not used it nor can I make any comments on the program.  You can go to the right of this page and you will see listed three library software programs who support this CLN website.  As a testimony, I tried two programs before I found one that I think is tops.  I have used Book Systems programs since they started more than 20 years ago.   The support is great and you can purchase various programs .  You want a program that has good support and has been in business for a long time.  It's much cheaper to get such a program from the beginning than to make a necessary change later.  I wish you the best in whatever you choose.  Every library should be automated if possible.

Thank you for your reply.  I am looking at Concourse and Atrium Express.    I do agree that I don't want to have to change systems again so investing in a better system would be my choice.  Just not sure our church budget will allow.

Call or otherwise contact all of the three and tell them your needs and what you think your budget might be.  They will work with you and in that way you and your team will be able to make an informed decision about the software.  We also have been with Book Systems products for many years and I know that you can begin with one level  of Concourse and upgrade later to another level.  I think that PC Card Catalog may have similar upgrade possibilities, but I'm not sure.  Don't forget the cost of the equipment needed, too!

Automation is a big time saver for the library team and it offers many advantages to both library patrons and the library team!


I used PrimaSoft for several years.  I did not like it at all.  It was not chosen by me, but by a non-librarian.  I found it difficult to use, and not intuitive at all.  It was awkward to use.  I think it's basically several databases loosely tied together, so stuff gets "lost".  Please consider something else.

I just recently switched to ATRIUUM by Book Systems.  It is great!!! It is web-based so I can access it anywhere, which I love because I can work from home.  The tech support is fantastic!!  I just had my training last week and it was very thorough.  They have worked with me endlessly to get everything transferred.  I can't say enough good about the program or the people at Book Systems.  Both are great!

If money is an issue, consider their Concourse program.  It is more limited but people who have chosen it have been happy with the program.  But if you can afford it, ATRIUUM is really all that you might want and more.  It takes library access for both librarians and patrons into the 21st century.  I love it!

Jeannie Trapnell



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