I asked this question a few weeks ago without much response.  I'll try again.  The powers that be want the current library space for a welcome center.  The two options are to move the library or to create satellite libraries....that is to move preschool books to the preschool ares etc.  Any thoughts on satellite library sites?  Does anyone do it?   Deborah



Deborah A. Beck

First Baptist Church

Spartanburg, SC  29306

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Satellite libraries - - what comes to mind is you would need a LOT of volunteers! I would hope they would allocate money for you to have a computer at each location and network them so you can keep up with the inventory.

Another thought is our families visit us as a unit and check out books for all age groups so that would be a reason to move everything to one location rather than multiple areas.

Our welcome center at church has been a very popular place for fellowship between services as well as used for many bridal and baby showers. However, if "they" were to ask for our library space, I would be saddened.
Thank you for your insights. I feel the same way!
"Location, location, location!" - as important to the church library as to real estate. If the current location is an excellent one for the library, is there a way to "share" the space? Could the Welcome Center materials be put onto a rolling display that can be rolled out to the entryway when needed, or if the library is large enough, a display on a table or counter that the Welcome volunteers can use? (You didn't mention if you just have just a "space" near the church entrance or if the library now has its own room, so it's kind of hard to make suggestions).

I agree with Lynda that having several different "satellites" is going to require a lot of volunteers to manage. And what if folks drop off adult items to the kids' area or vice versa? Sounds like lots of problems to resolve to attempt a satellite system.
Joanne ~ Thank you for your comments. We do have a fully furnished library. We are not automated, however. That's for another day. I am going to a meeting this morning to discuss "alternate solutions.". I am armed with comments from this board. Thank you to everyone who has responded. Keep the comments coming. Deborah
I would argue that the library already is a welcome center in a way. Many times people come in to ask Q's. Why not just put some church info in the library that is easily seen instead of moving the library. We are fortunate to have a large welcome area with chairs in our lobby & our library is close to the lobby. There are some racks that are in the lobby that we can put old magazines in from the library for folks to pick up & any other newsletters that the church prints. We also have bulletin boards outside of the library for posting info & racks with missionary pics.



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