Does anyone else here put out a library newsletter?  What kinds of things do you put in it?  We started one last October, which has grown in scope quite a bit and I'm interested to know what others are putting in theirs.

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Debbie, we put out a library newsletter ten times per year. We email it to all those on the active church mailing list plus put it out in the library. We get a great response to it. We actually get too good of a response because everyone wants the titles featured right away and we can't buy enough copies to meet the demand. We end up with long waiting lists but that's the price patrons have to pay for getting access to free materials. You may have to wait.

If you would like I can email you a copy of our newsletter. What is your email address.  

Yes, I'd love to see it! Thanks so much! You can send it to

Out of curiosity, how many people in your church?


I got you email address but it will not send. It says undeliverable.


Well that is odd. I use it all the time. Strange.

Anyway--try this one:

Paul, I would very much like to have a copy of your newsletter, also.  Would you please mail it to me at:

Thank you,


I sure will.

Greetings, Paul!  

I would love to see your library newsletter, too.  

Please, send it to me at:



I would also be interested in seeing your newsletter. My email is


I would like a copy please.

Thank you!

Please send me one, too!

Paul, if you are still sharing your newsletter, I would like to see a copy.  My email address is

Thanks so much!

May I have a copy, also? My email is Thanks



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