Would anyone mind sharing what your library budget is? And how many books your library has?

We have 3,200 volumes and our last budget was $750. Before this year our library was neglected and as a result the budget kept getting slashed each year.

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You are very fortunate to have a budget of $750.  Most churches have no budget or very low.  If the pastor or education committee is in favor of usage of the library, a library does very well.

We have about 10,000 volumes and have a $1,000 budget.  I make sure to use all of the budget money each year so we don't lose the benefit.  In addition, we have a nice bonus program.  Members may designate flowers on the altar at the cost of $30 an arrangement.  They may sign up in a 3-ring binder.  On the opposite page of the binder, members may sign up for donating a library book for $15.00 each.  This has been a very popular way of getting donations.  I supplement the cost of a book (if hardcover) with my budget money.  I have a small supply of books on hand if the family wants to select a book.  Books can be donated "in memory of" or "in honor of".  I always emphasize that a book is a lasting donation.  Good luck and God's blessings to you for your library work. 

Mine is $800 and we have around 4400 volumes.  I use Concourse and that's almost half my budget right there.

Well, I asked for gigantic raise and ours is bigger than yours- about 6000+.   I was paying for my book systems out of my budget of 700.00 which left me half (350.00) for everything else- supplies, books, everything.   So I asked for the technology committee to pay for my book systems, and my Norton anti-viral.   So this year, I actually had a regular budget of 850.00 which in my opinion is low.   But I also have access to a Library Gift Account.   Several loyal patrons donate especially for that each year.   And I never ask, but when it comes, I thank them profusely.   I also had a Spare Change Sale in which I raised 100.00 from donations for good duplicates, and things that were too good to go to Goodwill.   I had a narrow necked flower jar  into which they could drop their "spare change"- Listed it in bulletin and in e-mail churchwide.   Just ideas.   I plan to keep asking until I can get up to 1000.00 or there abouts even if it is 50.00 a year. 

Ours is $1000; however, Book Systems and our CVLI license fee together eats up about half of that.  I understand not all churches pay the license from the library budget but we always have.

We have about 6500 books and 150 DVDs the budget has dropped to 250. but Concourse & License does not come out of that I actually spent twice that on books this year and was told there is money there next year they will put budget up to 500.

I do my best to by them on sale and shop B&N, BaM, & Amazon to compare and get best price not just Lifeway,  Family Christian or CBD also have several who donate books after they read them

We have around 9000 volumes (including DVD and CD), and our budget is $3000. I'm realizing, after reading these posts, how blessed we are!!

We also have some people in the church who routinely give "designated" funds to the library through their offering. The financial person will tell us how much has been given for the library and sometimes it's so much that we're looking for ways to spend money.

I don't expect this to last forever, though. One of the gentlemen who gives regularly and generously is quite elderly!



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