In a small library is there any need to keep old  reference books that can 't be  checked out? My pastor wants old Bibles and books stored in the library, should they be processed and how and should they be available for checkout? I am weeding out inventory and still have Cassette tapes and VCR/VHS. They are not circulating at all.Others to than offering them for free to the patrons and church congregation How can I dispose of them? 

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Our church family seldom spent time in the library to use the reference books.  We decided to process them and move them into our non-fiction section so they could be checked out.  This has worked well so far.  Regarding the cassette tapes and VCR/VHS items, ours were no longer being used either.  I set up a table in the church foyer with those items plus books free for the taking.  Books that were left over were donated to places like the Senior Center, Salvation Army, and Good Will. but those places did not want the CD's and VCR/VHS's so they were discarded to the trash.  Hope this helps.

My pastor wants old Bibles and books stored in the library... I would  add any that seemed useful (maybe a bible version not already processed.) Box the rest, label the boxes with the pastor's request, and store in some  out of the way place labeled as "Library Storage." Do not add unwanted items to the catalog unless it is necessary to maintain good relations with your pastor.

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