Yesterday, I signed up for an amazon kindle account- I have two Kindle touch e-readers (they work even if they are not cutting edge or backlit).   

I have one on which I will put out of print, cheap theology titles, and one that I will put fiction titles on.  

We also have Web opac.   Here's what I was thinking (dangerous!).  Put each individual "e-book" into Concourse, but add two new locations.   They would then be properly classified, show up in the catalog, etc.  I would list under summary, the list of all the books, but no other information.   Not sure how to classify the Kindle.   Some really old books for nothing out there that I cannot replace.   

I have a password on them, but have not activated parental controls.   Not sure how to do that.   Does it require another password separate from the one to get into the kindle?  

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