I found an old thread on using Kindles in the library, but it didn't address my situation exactly. 
We have had requests to increase our electronic resources. We discussed purchasing a second chrome book (the other one is for searching the catalog primarily), but we also discussed purchasing a couple of Kindle Fires (they are only $50 now) and also a couple of used Kindle e-ink readers and loading them with free classics and low cost Christian materials.  We would use some sort of parental controls or deactivate the ability to purchase books directly from the Kindle.

We wouldn't be using overdrive or any of the electronic lending sites.  We would only be purchasing books for our own Kindles and lending out the Kindles or making them available in the library.
Have any of you done anything like this and what has been your experience?  I am working on a proposal for the idea and would love more input!

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We did try this in our library and got limited response. Perhaps we didn't promote it enough because shortly thereafter we went the route of Overdrive which has been extremely popular. I do think, however, buying Kindles and loading them with popular books is a great idea. Be sure to advertise the service and select good books that people will want. Free classics is a good way to go but I would think you would need to put some funds into buying new and popular titles if you have such funds available.  It is probably inevitable that some of your loaned devices will not come back but they are relatively inexpensive and worth the risk if the program is popular.

Thanks Paul.  I just came across several recommended/requested titles that were free or inexpensive on Kindle but I ended up spending $15 a book for actual copies since we don't have this option yet. I used it as a selling point. 

We are experimenting with the same thing. I haven't had time to really get it off the ground, though. We have one kindle e-ink reader right now.
Amazon has a print/kindle deal on lots of titles. They call them Matchbook. If you buy the print, you can go and buy the ebook a great discount. I'm trying to look out for these.

We are planning to use kindles with mostly free downloads and making them available to those in hospitals or home-bound.  Those are ones who need larger print available on the kindles and they are not as  likely to be lost.



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