Does anyone use a scanner in their church library?  If so, would you please share your experience and brand of your scanner.  We tried a scanner called CueCat from the LibraryThing store but find it rather "temperamental" which is not very useful...we just give up and enter manually. Your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Our library uses LibraryThing for cataloging our library and TinyCat for our patrons to view online.  As we are growing, we are seeking a scanner to ease our input and assisting our reader when they come in asking for assistance.  We also plan to be able to complete an inventory for reporting to our church council.  

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We use a Honeywell Scanner with our Atrium program. It works without any problem.

You can purchase any 1-D bar code scanner, CCD and Laser scanners are the best, all scanners support the most popular barcode types. I don’t suggest to buy the cheapest one, it could be low quality. Starting from $30 you can buy a decent one. Scanner let’s you scan ISBN into the search box, or process check in/out with barcode labels if implemented. The good source: go to amazon and do search by laser barcode scanner or ccd barcode scanner. They list products with reviews, with prime membership you can have free delivery.

Also have had good luck with $20 Wone Nice model from Amazon. It has been in light use for a couple of years with no problems.  For only $30 you can get a wireless model with a range of 30 (ft. or meters, don't remember).

The CueCat requires a trained  operator  to maintain a steady scan rate. Anyone can use a laser, aim, press button and done. 

I like the idea of wireless computer equipment. But be careful with wireless !  When we use wireless keyboard always we see what we type. The same should be with wireless scanners, always review what was scanned what was processed. Once a librarian was conducting an inventory; scanning remotely barcodes from items on the shelf into the text file on the desktop computer. After one hour he realized that nothing was entered, computer went into sleep mode.

We also use librarything and I have used the scanner they sell without issues.  However, if you download the librarything app onto your smartphone, you can use your phone to scan as well and that works quite well.



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